How Long Does It Take To Replace My Foggy Windows?

We all know the saying... Time is Money

With that in mind, through our research we see that a vast majority of homeowners don’t know how long it will take to have all of their failed windows replaced, so they simply live amongst the fog... Pun intended.

It takes 45 minutes to replace a fogged window

With 3 generations of experience in the glass industry, replacing failed and broken windows, our data shows it takes one man about 30-60 minutes to completely replace a window from set up to clean up.

This is a good average but some windows can be glued with an old school hot melt glue that is near impossible to remove and take much longer. Newer vinyl windows are usually secured with double sided tape and can be replaced relatively quickly.

Give or take, how the original windows were manufactured will play a big part in the amount of time it takes to replace but you can safely guesstimate 30-60 minutes per man. Making an 8 window replacement job in your home take around 4 hours with 1 man.

All the windows in a house can be done in one day

If time is your biggest concern then you could request your local glass company to come equipped with more man power if they have the means to do so.

Also, a seasoned estimator should be able to give a good estimate on job time length when he comes to assess your foggy windows and give you a quote for repair.

When it comes time for the natural light to shine back into your home fog free, make sure to prequalify your glass company by checking to see what your neighbors and other locals are saying about them on Google Reviews.

If you want to learn more about what your glass company can do for you, check us out on instagram where we put out tons of free content and document the journey of a growing glass company.

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