How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Foggy Window?

August 7, 2019


Let’s get straight to the point. Majority of companies will give you an overwhelming spiel on how their windows are better and how they install them better than the competition.


To you (the client) all of that sounds great so you call a few different companies to compare prices.


Each company sends out a sales rep to walk through your home and measure the failed windows. A good company can get you a quote on site and a smaller busy man in a van will probably email you a quote in a day or two.


In the end you go with the “person” you trusted most. The company got your attention from a billboard, radio ad or the internet but the salesman gained your trust enough to move forward.


The best companies will streamline this whole process from the moment you book online through to the very end when your pulling out your credit card to pay for a job well done.


How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Fogged Window? 


We wanted to go a step further and save you time from even having to book for an estimate, so we took our past 100 clients that we replaced foggy insulated glass units with new IGU’s, ranging as low as 3 to 53 units in one house, added them all up, and took the average of the cost installed per window.



Multiple units in one house installed average cost: $248.52


Average cost of 1 unit replaced in a home: $297.14



**Note that we are located in Austin, Texas so the cost could vary depending on your location.**



Colleagues say, why would you put those prices out for your competition to see but our views on business are different.


We’re not in business to compete against other glass companies.


Our business goal is to make the customers experience as simple as possible. Not matter if they are a local here in Austin or a client for someone on the other side of the country.

Hope this was helpful in your decision to get those old foggy windows replaced. For more helpful tips follow us on YouTube 




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