How to cut glass

December 29, 2017





How to cut glass. 


When handling glass in any fashion, you should always take precautions and be as safe as possible. 


 Tempered and laminate safety glass are safer when installed but can still cut you when handling or broken. Although you cannot cut tempered glass, you can cut laminate glass with a glass cutter and either torch or razor blade. 


In today's time they have glass cutting software that is synced with automated machines over tables that can cut stock sheets of glass into multiple pieces to perfect dimensions within seconds. 


I doubt you have that technology in your garage, so lets just stick to the basics.


When cutting glass by hand you just need a simple glass cutter. Preferably one with an oil dispenser  too lubricate the glass as you cut. You can go a bit older with a "Fletcher" that has a standard wheel on it but doesn’t dispense oil as you cut. 


Set the glass on a firm surface with something soft on top to prevent from scratching. In most glass shops back in the day we would just carpet a nice wooden work table, but for a quick project you can just throw a moving blanket over your preferred work bench.


Whatever the size is your trying to cut, make sure to deduct a 1/8th" from it because of the space between edge of cutter and the wheel that scores the glass. 


Personally, I wouldn’t recommend trying to cut anything more than a ¼" in thickness by hand. Call your local glass shop and leave that to the professionals.


Once you've measured the correct dimensions and deducted your 1/8"… 


Score the top of the glass and then use two hands to either pop the scored line on the edge of a table or place your thumbs on the top of the glass with slight pressure on each side of the scored cut and pull up with your index and middle finger. 


As long as you made a good score and it was lubricated the glass should cut cleanly across the line you just made. 


Remember to keep in mind when you measure for glass it is a lot harder to cut or sand small amounts. Measure twice, cut once. 


Cutting glass is relatively easy, just be cautious and remember the edges are very sharp and extremely dangerous. 


Majority of professionals prefer to cut glass without gloves to be able to have a better feel for what they're doing but if you’re a "newbie" I would recommend that you wear some glass gloves that you can buy at the same place you buy your cutter. 


Hope this helps...  



As always if you have any questions or concerns, send me an email:  

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