What Causes Foggy Windows?

July 31, 2019



Have you noticed a haze or fog in your window that you can’t seem to clean away?


Fogged windows are most often caused by the seal in your insulated glass unit to fail. Insulated glass units, also referred to as double-paned windows, are two pieces of glass sealed together with air or gas in between to allow for insulation and energy efficiency.



 IGs are a great option to lower your utility bills, reduce sound, and allow for greater safety measures, but a foggy window can certainly lessen their appeal.



How Do You Fix A Foggy Window? 


There are several options to alleviate the fog or moisture buildup inside the window, but they are never certain and usually only allow for temporary improvement.


Our recommended option?


Replace the insulated glass unit while keeping the frame and window accessories intact. This is usually more cost effective than people expect and can be fixed in about a week*.



The process to replace an insulated glass unit is quite simple – first, hire a reputable glass company to come measure your window.


Next, your glass company should provide you with a quote to get the unit repaired. Once approved, the insulated glass unit is then placed on order.




How Long Does it Take to Replace A Foggy Window? 


Annealed, non-tempered glass is usually ready within a week and can be installed as soon as it’s received. The installation process typically takes less than an hour, and the new unit is installed into your existing window frame.


Lastly, your window is as good as new! The seal of your new insulated unit should hold up for years to come allowing for the picture-perfect view of Austin that you desire.


Noticed a fogged window at your house? Give Us A Call!





*Glass types and manufacture lead times can cause times to vary


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