Best Glass Company in Austin, Texas

January 1, 2018


The BEST glass company in Austin, Texas!


Is it vain to call yourself the best when the results speak for themselves? 


Ames has been in business in Austin, Texas since 1985. Originally called Hurricane Glass and Mirror, partnered with our sister companies out of Dallas and Houston. 


In 2003 it was time to separate us from the pack and identify ourselves as an original company because of our efficient service and innovative products. 


The owner, Troy Shugart, is a Navy veteran who has built his company with the same morals and ethics that he learned from the United States military. 


Troy is a second-generation glazier that learned the business from his father, James Taylor Shugart, who owned Shugart Glass based out of Houston, Texas since the early 1970's. 


Eventually, J.T., had to close down his company after having a stroke in the early 2000's, but his son is keeping the family business strong and thriving. 


In March of 2017, Troy lost his business partner, Dennis Mitchell (God rest his sole), to cancer. In honor of Dennis, Ames has decided to take the mom and pop core of the business and grow it into the biggest and best glass company in the United States. 


In September of 2017, Troy, brought on his nephew, Chance Forman, to help with his mission to scale Ames into the most well-known glass company around. 


Chance is a serial entrepreneur that has had a lot of success in scaling many businesses in various industries including the glass business. Being that he is a third-generation glazier, partnering with his Uncle and scaling Ames in honor of his grandfather, only feels right. 


" My Uncle and Pawpaw have always been the main reason why I wanted to work for myself. They taught me how to hustle and to always be the hardest worker in the room. Anytime I needed help or to make a few bucks I could always count on them, it's only fitting that I give back to them now that I'm capable." - Chance Forman 


" I've been installing glass since I was knee high to a grasshopper; Glass is in my DNA." - Chance Forman 


Ames Mirror and Glass has been a very successful company for so many years off of the great reputation Troy has built with his personable human interaction, blue collar roots and honest business tactics. 


Up until the past few months, Ames, has never had a website, paid for advertising or had a marketing budget or plan what so ever. The plan was do great work and word of mouth will spread. 


Considering the business has been around for over 30 years it seems the plan has worked, but now that we're at the close of 2017 and rolling into 2018 with full speed ahead... It is time to start marketing and getting known in the market place as the leading experts in the Glass and Mirror Industry! 


With generations of experience, a valued reputation and technology at our fingertips... it's time to get the attention we need to truly scale our business into another stratosphere. 


Like the saying goes... "Money flows where attention goes". 


We can't operate a successful business without either of these important assets. 


Money is the purpose of any good business whether it’s a church or an ice cream shop. If you're going for corporate capital or financial freedom, you need money to keep the doors open. Don't let the naysayers tell you any different. 


Attention is a must! Without attention then no one will know who you or your business are, and that makes for a bad business no matter how great the product or service is. 


To maximize profits and scale any business, you will need the attention to get you where you want to be. 


That is the purpose of these blogs. To inform YOU of the latest and greatest that the glass business has to offer. To help you make a human connection with the people behind the scenes of Ames Mirror and Glass and to document the progress as we grow. 


We are starting a podcast in 2018 that will dive deep into our business development and marketing tactics. We will talk shop about what has worked for us as subcontractors and what didn’t work to help save you time and money in your own business adventures. 


Ames has picked glass as our niche. Even though other glass companies either pick commercial glass, residential glass, or servicing the apartment industry as their area of expertise, we feel that is not fair to our customers.


Glass is already a niche in itself so we have divided our company into 3 separate services to make us more capable of servicing any and all of your flat glass needs. 


Let me break it down even easier for you and let you know what type of glass we don’t do instead of listing all of the glass services we DO offer. We DON'T do auto, eye or drinking glasses... Everything else GLASS is our area of expertise. 


What makes us the best is our transparency not only in our superior glass products but in the process we are taking to grow our family owned business into the global phenomenon it will be. 


As I tell all of our current and future clients, my personal cell phone number and email are on my business card for a reason... because I truly care about my clients.  


Call me directly with any disputes. Whether it be our products, customer service, or appearance... I'm here to be the face of the company and stand behind everything that we do with YOU the client as our number 1 focus.


As always if you have any questions or concerns email me at 


I truly looking forward to working with you and or helping you with all of your glass needs and wants. I don't care if you live in Missouri or India, if I can help I will, and that’s what makes us the BEST glass company on earth! 

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