Company Culture

January 3, 2018


Company culture at Ames Mirror and Glass. 


Do you love where you work? 


Is your boss a true leader or more of just a pain in your ass? 


When I took on the role of rebranding and scaling Ames Mirror and Glass into the biggest glass company in America, I knew that company culture had to be at an all time high in order to obtain the goals that we're presented to me by the CEO. 


The first few weeks I acted as a labor hand doing the janitorial work around the shop and office. My goal was to see how the employees acted with one another, to the boss, and to our clients.


My first impression was that there was a gap in communication from the guys in the field, to office staff, all the way up to upper management. 


The people are great but the communication could be better. 


We started having a morning team huddle to start every day. Not a boring meeting to talk about mundane off topic subjects, but to keep everyone on the same page and instill company values and the goals we were now reaching for. 


Do you know what your companies mission statement is? 


A lot of small businesses don’t have a mission statement or core values to stick to but if you watch and imitate the big dogs, you will notice that they all operate by sticking to their core values and mission statement. 


Naturally that is right where I began. The day I started I asked, Troy, the owner, what his 3 core values were to running a successful business. 


His answer, " We're honest, dependable and committed to doing a job well done." 


From there it was easy. This is a man with integrity that built a business off of nothing but word of mouth by living, breathing and standing behind those 3 words. With that I wrote our mission statement and work daily on getting every employee to memorize and live it. 


Ames Mirror and Glass commits to bringing added value to our clients through innovation, honesty, dependability and peak performance by our entire team. 


When we break from huddle every day, we tell one another to "Win the f*#king day" which in laymen's terms means to be your very best self today. We try to engrain the thought of being a better YOU today than yesterday.  


Always putting forth the extra effort. 


Naturally not everyone was fit for the changes we were making around the shop so they quit, but the ones that stayed stepped their game up and started referring their friends to come to work.


Now my goal is to become the "COOL" place to work. The glass company or (subcontractor) that attracts the best of the best, from installers to estimators and everywhere in between. 


We've already began to get phone calls from the competition's employees to see if we are hiring, so I guess you could say it's working. 


We cleaned up the shop and are in the process of remodeling the office to not only lead by example and have a clean work environment but also to have a cool home base to have gatherings and invite clients to learn more about what we do. 


It takes a good leader to help mold others to become leaders themselves which in return creates a culture curated to f*%king WIN! In life and in business. 


Our goals are at the forefront of every task and every customer that we interact with. 


To be a REMARKABLE company that is worth talking about to your friends, coworkers and family. 


If our culture wasn’t in sync with our goals then it would be impossible to grow and scale into our true potential. 


I can honestly say that I love coming to work and I believe that our employees will tell you the same thing if asked privately. We have a great culture, with a great team and are looking forward to gaining more attention to become the most well-known glass company in America.


These blogs are just a bit of insight of how Ames operates as a business and to share the action steps we are taking daily to grow. 


Some of the employees have asked why I would want to post and let the competition know what and how we are doing things. My response is simple, "If they are watching that close then we are doing something right. I live for competition!" 


If you read this far, please take a moment to send me an email and let me know what you are doing to improve the culture at your work or in your business. I'd love to hear from you. 


You can always reach me at 


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